Critical Dialogue

Transgenic Bananas? A Dialogue on the Ethics, Impacts, and Alternatives took place Wednesday, March 25th at 8:00 PM in the Iowa State University Pioneer Room

Video of the Transgenic Banana Dialogue

What’s a transgenic banana? Why do we need them? Why is ISU engaging in the first human trials of a transgenic banana? What are the implications of this research?

The public is invited to join a critical dialogue about the current transgenic banana research underway at ISU. The facebook event page can be found here.

Speakers include:

  • [was unable to attend due to flight delays] Steven Druker (Author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth¬†
  • Dr. Clark Wolf (ISU Philosophy/Sustainable Ag),
  • Dr. Christina Gish-Hill (ISU Anthropology/Sustainable Ag),
  • Naboth Bwambale (ISU Sociology/Sustainable Ag)
  • Representatives from the ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Institutional Review Board were invited


  • Dr. Michael Dahlstrom (Journalism/Sustainable Ag)

This dialogue was intended to bring together community members as we explore the implications of the first human trials of a Gates Foundation-funded transgenic banana.

The event, co-sponsored by ISU SASA and ISU ActivUs, was free and open to the public.